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Основатели кошелька Samourai Wallet были арестованы, и им были предъявлены обвинения, несмотря на то что они следовали закону. Похоже, правительство США начинает очередную кампанию против приватности, и мы не можем допустить, чтобы она осталась без ответа.


Os fundadores da Samourai Wallet foram presos, indiciados e acusados, apesar de estarem seguindo a lei. Parece que o governo dos Estados Unidos está começando uma nova campanha contra a privacidade, a qual não podemos permitir que continue sem oposição.


Los fundadores de Samourai Wallet fueron arrestados, acusados e imputados a pesar de cumplir la Ley. Parece que el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos está iniciando otra campaña contra la privacidad, lo cual no podemos permitir que quede sin oposición.


Samourai Wallet's founders were arrested, indicted, and charged despite following the law. It seems the US government is starting another campaign against privacy, which we cannot allow to remain unopposed.

Always Rise After a Fall

On April 24th, when the Co-Founders of Samourai Wallet were unlawfully arrested and indicted on outrageous conspiracy charges it sent shock waves through the Bitcoin community, RoninDojo was no exception.

Ronin Beta Testing

Want to contribute to the most private Bitcoin node project? Test features before everyone else? Help releases come out quicker? We got you...

RoninUI Update v2.5.0

Adding new features doesn't always mean adding a new tool or a new app. Sometimes it means enhancing user interface with useful options so that users can stay sovereign. This is very much what this update is about.

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