A private and user-friendly way to power Samourai Wallet.

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RoninDojo is a Samourai Wallet Community-driven Bitcoin full node stack optimized for Single Board Computers, like the Raspberry Pi 4. Our user interfaces and powerful features are fit for any level Bitcoiner. RoninDojo is focused on providing the tools you need to safely and securely use your Samourai Wallet and Hardware Wallet so you can "Be your own Master!".

"The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them."
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Simple Interface

Control and interact with your Dojo with our simple Menu options, designed to help users of all levels be able to Master their Dojo.


Bitcoin Fullnode

Maintain your privacy from the start by utilizing your own Bitcoin Full Node. RoninDojo allows you to verify and broadcast all of your own transactions.


Block Explorer

Check all your own transactions, the mempool, and bitcoin addresses privately by using the built in Block Explorer. Access it anywhere at any time utilizing Tor!



The ONLY coinjoin protocol that guarantees to break all deterministic links! Run it 24/7 to maximize your free remixes and maximize your privacy benefits.


Electrum Server

Using a Hardware Wallet? We’ve got you covered. Use it privately by connecting your device to your own Electrum Server (Electrs) and avoid leaking data!


Tor Daemon

Everything on RoninDojo is ran over Tor. This means you don’t have to mess with your router, open any ports, and are still able to gain full benefits of Dojo!


Whirlpool Stat Tool

Calculate your anonymity set to determine how many possible transactions your Whirlpool’d Bitcoin could be!



Don’t use a Hardware Wallet? No problem! Use this Samourai specific indexer for enhanced wallet recovery and explorer functionality with this indexer.


LUKS Encryption

Coming soon! Encryption is a key element of Bitcoin and cyber security. We are proud to be one of the only Node options that offers full Disk encryption to protect your data!

"Even if a man has no natural ability, he can be a warrior."
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Use RoninUI to manage your RoninDojo with a modern and streamlined interface.

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Privately power your Samourai Wallet using open source software from the Ronin development team.

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Coming Soon
"Know your enemy, know his sword."
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