Starting around August 28th, we began seeing a few reports that Ronin install resulted in indefinite "spinning" during installation via the UI at ronindojo.local/install-progress. We had seen this on rare occasions due to internet issues, however, when we released this was a trend related to a docker dependency in the Dojo software version we were using (v1.18.1) we immediately acted and created a hotfix.


The Hotfix we pushed that has since fixed the problem was updating our version of Dojo to v1.20.0. With this the following software has been since updated:
 - Bitcoin Core v25.0.0
 - Added Option to use Auth47 for DMT auth
 - Updated Whirlpool CLI v0.10.16
 - Updated Explorer 3.3.0 + SW, now uses node 18

The last update mentioned, using node 18, was the particular culprit of the issues we found.

We began working on and testing the hotfix on September 1st, and thanks to some of the community members in our telegram chat, we were able to successfully push out this release. Which we are extremely grateful for the help!

To utilize this from a fresh install, no change is needed from the RoninOS. Download and install as usual.

Existing users are safe to upgrade the RoninDojo software from their Command Line UI.

Note: the git tag for v2.0.2 mentions Features: Updated Bitcoin Core v24.0.1 but there was a human error when the tag description was made. A git tag does not get changed after it has been signed so we will not correct the git tag description. The release notes are different from the tag and correct that it's been updated to the v25.0.0 version.

Release can be found here:

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