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We help people have a feature rich bitcoin experience, maintain privacy, and thrive as a sovereign individual.

Project Overview

RoninDojo develops hardware and software to make it easy for anyone to use bitcoin privately as if it were cash. Some of our products include bitcoin nodes, steel backup plates, powerful software, premium support, and a lot more coming soon. We are working hard to increase accessibility for bitcoin users to connect their wallet to a node, use privacy enhancing coinjoin, do their own self custody, and so much more. Financial sovereignty is our goal and we won't slow down until it is achieved!

We are privacy advocates

Third parties that collect your data are holes in your security. Our products enable users to be in full control of their data and prevent any leaks

Strong community support

There are free and paid support resources available, which are created and run by community members and core maintainers. No user will be left behind!

Committed to be open-source

Anyone can contribute to, modify, maintain, or verify our source code to ensure RoninDojo software is trustworthy and transparent.


Our products have privacy by design and are crafted with precision.

RoninDojo Tanto

A plug-and-play bitcoin full node with premium hardware and case.


Backup and safe-guard your bitcoin wallet's secret recovery words.

Ronin Premium Support

Our dedicated team will help with your questions, walkthroughs, and more.


Software Stack

Graphic User Interface (GUI) and a Command Line Interface (CLI) enable a quick deployment and management of a privacy focused bitcoin node.


Take control of your node with our slick user interface available on desktop and mobile.


Prefer working in terminal or troubleshooting? Our command line interface is a solid choice when you need it.

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Be a part of something bigger.
Get involved.

Yes, you are already a bitcoin contributor by running a node. You can also do more by contributing to our RoninDojo FOSS and FOSH community with your time and skills.

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Our community is what keeps us going.

We don’t like to brag but we don’t mind letting our community do it for us. Here are some nice things people have said about their RoninDojo experience.

"We are at war with them. They do not want us to do what we are doing and so fuck it, if its war.. lets get the battle gear on and use the tools that are available."


“The Ronin guys have basically focused their entire build on the Dojo app. You will see a very reliable up-times, it will be updated quicker than other node platforms, their devs are in constant communications with us, etc. If your goal is a Samourai specific install, Ronin is the best bet.”

Samourai Wallet

"I use RoninDojo because sovereignty makes more sense on a FOSS platform."


Where to next?

If the idea of taking back your privacy and being your own bank appeals to you, don’t wait for the “right” time. Start today!

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