RoninDojo Instances

We host following instances on our Servers. Feel free using them if in need.


Nitter is a free, open-source alternative to Twitter that aims to respect user privacy. It allows users to browse and interact with Twitter content, but unlike Twitter, Nitter does not track user data or serve targeted advertisements. Nitter can be accessed through a web browser or through an API, and it can be self-hosted or used as a service. Some users choose to use Nitter as a way to access Twitter content without being tracked or targeted by ads, while others use it as an alternative to Twitter because of its focus on user privacy and open-source nature.


Privatbin is a web application that allows users to share text and code snippets anonymously. It is similar to a pastebin, but it adds an extra layer of privacy by using client-side encryption to ensure that only the person who creates a paste can access it. When a paste is created, the user is given a unique URL that they can share with others, who can then decrypt and view the paste using a password that is provided by the user. Privatbin is often used to share sensitive information, such as passwords or confidential documents, in a secure and anonymous way.

Sats Converter

Sats Convertor, hosted by RoninDojo, does not use cookies nor collect personal data. Any value (BTC or FIAT) entered into this Sats Converter tool is not transmitted or shared with RoninDojo (or any third-party). Conversions are carried out in-browser only.
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