RoninDojo Software Stack

Manage your bitcoin privacy and sovereignty with ease


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User Interface Interact with your RoninDojo node using the web-based application with a modern and streamlined feel.

TOR By default the connection to your RoninDojo is established by The Onion Router for maximum privacy.


Command Line Interface The ever reliable backbone of your node; available via the terminal and perfect for troubleshooting.

Stability Our rock solid interface available via terminal is there in case you need it.

Free & open source

Free = Freedom You can download, modify the code, and even re-distribute it

Open Source It means anyone can review every single line of code.

The features you want deserve

The RoninOS and RoninUI is packed with features all deserving of The Sovereign Bitcoiner.



Privacy first bitcoin full node to back your Samourai Wallet.



Back your peer-to-peer trades with you own node.



Monitor the bitcoin network and network fees.



Determine how private your transactions are by calculating their entropy.



Monitor up-time and hardware health.


System Management

Set and manage your node and application credentials.


Electrum Server

Connect your node to bitcoin wallets to manage your multi-sig.


Logs Files

View detailed logs



Keep on top of all wallets backed / tracked by your node.


Mempool Server

Privately use the block visualizer and transaction lookup tool you are already familiar with.


Push TX

Broadcast transactions created offline.



Additional tailored tools exclusive to RoninDojo.


RPC Explorer

The default privacy tool to look up bitcoin addresses and transactions.



Fast transaction querying.



24/7 Coinjoin.

Run the code

The RoninDojo Software Stack makes it easy to deploy. Run it on the hardware we sell, or if you prefer to use your own hardware we've got you covered and can visit our wiki for more information.

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