Your Bitcoin Secret
Until The End Of Time

RoninSteel Etched
Store your bitcoin wallet's secret words and protect it against disasters.

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Plate dimension

160 x 83 x 2 mm
6.3 x 3.3 x 0.08 inch


304 Stainless steel


0.44 lbs

Design to survive the following condition

Fire and heat protection

See how RoninSteel survived the fire and heat test.


BIP39 compatible for a 24-word setup

Open Source

CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 - Strongly Reciprocal

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Want to backup at multiple locations? Check out our RoninSteel bundle deals!

Single price
Set of 5 price
RoninSteel Etched
$ 49

Set Price

High quality stainless steel

Simple to set up

Double sited etched

1-12 and 13-24

Comprehensive Wiki

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Red Envelope Set
$ 10

Bundle Price

Red Envelope

3 Tamper-evident seals

Samourai Seed/Passphrase thick paper cards.

Physical Gift Card.

Gift card value can be added viritually

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