Want to contribute?

Honoring the ethos of bitcoin, RoninDojo has been inspired to be true open-source. If you like what we do, your contributions are warmly welcome.

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"I’m not a coder!”.

You don’t need to be a coder to contribute to an open source project. We need all sorts of talents and skills in the team, such as:

You speak other languages than English and can translate

We definitely need your multilingual skills to reach out to non-English speaking communities.

You are a great communicator and love creating content and educating people about bitcoin.

There are never enough bitcoin educators.

You are a graphic designer and visual communication is your specialty

Use your magic and create digital and print materials for our social media, website, and events.

You are into hardware stuff and like the ideology of FOSH

Maybe you have a Prusa 3D printer and love printing cool stuff, can draw with Fusion 360, or design PCB, we welcome your contributions.

I'm intrigued

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If the idea of contributing to an open-source project is new for you, start with How to Contribute to Open Source. You’ll learn about why you should contribute and what it means to contribute.

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