The Bokuto equips you with the recommended barebone hardware setup. Get up and running in no time. 3D print the enclosure yourself, or later upgrade your Bokuto with a Tanto Kit

What is a Bokuto?

A bokutō 木刀 is a Japanese wooden sword used for training in kenjutsu. It is usually the size and shape of a katana or a tantō.

The bokutō is used as an inexpensive and safe substitute for a real sword. It can be still deadly, and any training with a bokutō should be done with due care.

Why has RoninDojo decided to offer the Bokuto?

There is an increasing demand for sovereign bitcoiners to take privacy seriously, and we want to lower that barrier to entry No more trial-and-error using the hardware you have laying around. Use the recommended components which make up the Bokuto for a hassel free experience.

Why should you get a RoninDojo Bokuto?

If you are on a budget, but still wish to have all the software features of a Tanto. Privacy & sovereignty does matter to you.

If you want reliable tried and tested hardware and running a bitcoin full node.




A powerful ARM chip eqiped with a fast multi-core CPU , 4GB LDDR4 memory and eMMC support if you demand even more durable storage for your Ronin OS than the common microSD slot. The killer feature is the PCIe interface, meaning it can provide full power to the mounted hard drive (unlike the USB interface on a Raspberry Pi)... plus no more trailing USB cables! Simply connect to a power supply and plug in an Ethernet cable.

Recommended hardware

RoninDojo Tanto upgradable


NVMe Storage


Custom made for the Bokuto; the RoninDojo X4-M2-C. With its smaller profile than others available on the market, big bulky bitcoin nodes are a thing of the past. Insert an NVMe hard drive, then slot the X4-M2-C straight into the RockPro64's PCIe interface and take advantage of a superior storage solution for your node's data.



Bokuto includes a 1TB SSD

Inside the box

Everything you need to begin your journey.

Single Board Computer

Pine64 RockPro64 4GB

Ronin X4-M2-C

PCI-e NVMe M.2 Type 2280"M" keyed Card

CPU Cooling

20mm Tall Profile Heatsink
10mm Tall Attachable Fan

MircoSD Card

32GB (minimal)

Power Supply

100V-240V AC | +12V DC 3A

Blockchain Storage

M.2 2280 NVMe SSD 1TB

Design, Modify, Share, Print, Buy...

Want an Enclosure for your Bokuto?